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அறியப்படும் தோல் மற்றும் கொழுப்பு கண்கள் இருந்து அகற்ற அறுவை முறை blepharoplasty, உள்ளது. கொழுப்புச்சத்து உள்ள குறிப்பிட்ட சூழலில் உள்ள கண்கள் மேலும் சேர்க்க முடியும். ஒரு eyelid crease உருவாக்க, ...

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Surgery

This is a body area where the skin, fat or muscle is harvested to reconstruct a specific body parts like in burn patients. It is usually harvested in the less exposed areas of the body.

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Dermatology

An unwanted complication or outcome of breast implant surgery that happens when there is tightening of scar tissue found around the implant and it squeezes the implant to become hard and firm.

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Women’s health

A surgical technique that makes use of fat, skin and muscle burrowed under the skin and the tissue in the back of a woman to be put in the reconstructed breast allowing blood supply to be intact.

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Surgery

A surgical technique that stretches the patient's healthy tissue and create new skin to allow coverage for a breast implant. This is also used for different procedures which require implants.

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Surgery

Breast lift or also called as Mastopexy raises and restructure the breasts by the process of eliminating the skin underneath the breast or from nearby the areola. The remaining skin is constricted ...

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Surgery

It is an invasive surgical intervention commonly done after a mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts) to provide patients psychological and appealing benefits when making progress from ...

Domain: Health care; Categoria: Surgery

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