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Terms used to by skateboarders.

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É um kickflip em que o skatista usa o calcanhar da frente para inverter a placa na direção oposta.

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A nollie is much like an ollie however to gain lift off you push down and launch from the nose of the board. Nollie comes from the words nose ollie.

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It is the act of striking the tail of the board against the ground to propel the board upwards.

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It is a trick executed with the skater's back to the ramp or obstacle, or a rotation of the rider/board where the front foot moves forward.

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It is a trick performed by spinning the board 180 degrees beneath the feet without the skater spinning.

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It is when skaters are more comfortably rides with the right foot leading, as it is most common to ride with the left foot leading.

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An ollie in the middle of which the skater uses the front toe to kick the board into an "Aileron roll".

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