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Also known as 'dirty lightning', these are lightning formed within the plume of a volcanic eruption; usually occurs when the volcanic eruption produces too much positive ions and those ions end up ...

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Atmospheric chemistry

A result of a rare meteorological phenomenon, it is a cylindrical roll of snow naturally formed as chunks of snow are blown along the ground by the wind just like in the same manner as manmade ...

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Meteorology

Winds bearing dense air that are going down a downward slope and can blow to winds as fast as 100 knots at a given time.

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Wind

Also known as a 'rotating thunderstorm', it is a least-common-occurring thunderstorm with a mesocyclone and a continuous, persistent rotating updraft that can stretch to more than 32 kilometers in ...

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Storms

These are clouds that glimmer at night or dusk mainly because they are both composed entirely of ice and a source of light (typically the sun) is still shining on them from below the horizon.

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Meteorology

Also known as a solar pillar or sun pillar, it is a visual phenomenon that occurs when light is reflected by ice crystals with near to absolutely horizontal parallel planar surfaces.

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Atmospheric chemistry

A rare meteorological phenomenon occasionally seen in different parts of the world; the clouds typically look like a roll of clouds that can grow as long as a thousand kilometers in length.

Domain: Weather; Categoria: Meteorology

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