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One of the most popular sports in Ukraine after football. Denis Minin is considered the founder. The main idea of this kind of sport is doing workout outside using any objects you can get. It includes such exercises like: chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and different variety of it.

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Modify work or the number of reps after a certain period. In order to achieve maximum results through periodic shocking of muscle fibers

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

Изменение рабочих весов или количества повторений после определенного периода. С целью достижения максимального результата путем переодического шикоривания мышечных волокон.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

Facing the floor and then pushing yourself up, or the Earth down. It's a matter of perspective. Builds triceps, as well as the chest muscles and the shoulders on the side.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Основные упражнения для мышц груди, рук и плечь. Может быть сделано с или без дополнительного веса. Существуют различные виды отжимания, которые стимулируют различные виды мышц

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Hottest night club of the city of kings, situated in the city center on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer building, where a beauty view of the city can be seen. It has reasonable drink prices, a wonderful ambiance, two bar areas as well a dining area, with up market deco, and world class music is played and danced to.

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The main idea is to set body horizontally holding the vertical bar. One of the most difficult exercise in Street workout, because a lot of body muscles are involved during doing the exercise.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

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