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Is a government issued form of permission to enter and stay in a certain country. A visa is for a non citizen to enter the visa issuing countries territory. Not all countries require visas and some ...

Domain: Travel; Category: Visa service Collected Term

The hardware, or software, or both that enables a user to interact with a system, program, or device.

Domain: Software; Category: Globalization software service Collected Term

If something is up for grabs, it is available and whoever is first or is successful will get it.

Domain: Language; Category: Idioms Collected Term

If you are feeling a bit ill, sad or lack energy, you are under the weather.

Domain: Language; Category: Idioms Collected Term

The name given to Jose Mourinho during his couching experience at Barcelona between 1996 and 2000.

Domain: People; Category: Sportspeople Collected Term

A golf putting technique invented and popularized by LPGA star Michelle Wie. It's called the table-top style because the player's back is parallel to the ground, much like the hanging top of ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

Supermoon is a term coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle to describe a New or Full Moon occurring at or near perigee (the closest point in the Moon's orbit to Earth).

Domain: Astrology; Category: General astrology Collected Term

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