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"K-pop" is an abbreviation of "Korean Pop", which is a musical genre that encompasses popular music from South Korea. It incorporates elements from several other genres, such as R&B, hip-hop, rock, electronic and dance-pop. It is also characterized by being a highly visual experience, since a lot of emphasis is put on the idols' appearance and dancing performances. It has been met with ever-increasing popularity since the 90s, to the point that it has been fueling — alongside South Korean dramas, films and technology — the advance of the Hallyu (Korean wave) throughout not only neighboring nations, but also the West. This blossary aims to define terms that are commonly used among K-pop fans.

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Related to shipping, OTP is an acronym that means “one true pairing”. As explained on the entry for shipping, fans will usually come up with fictional couples involving their favorite idols. ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Popular culture

As defined on Wikipedia, aegyo (애교) is “a cute display of affection often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures.” The definition found on the blog Eat Your Kimchi ...

Domain: Culture; Category: Popular culture Collected Term

Ahjumma (아줌마) — also romanized as ajumma — is defined on Dramabeams as “A middle-aged woman. Can be used for a close friend of the family, or a stranger. Can be made more formal as ‘ajumoni’.” ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

As defined on the 9Korea website, “Ahjussi (아저씨) means 'middle-aged man' or 'married man' in Korean. Ahjussi can be used when calling an unfamiliar grown man; it is equivalent of calling a man ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

As defined on the Chagiku blog, “the exclamation 아이구 'Aigu!' is used, with varying tonality, in keening for a dead parent, or expressing sympathy for another person's bad news, but it is also used on ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

As defined on the Soompi website, “When an artist has the #1 song or album on all the legal music download sites, such as Melon, Dosirak and Soribada. An all-kill on a daily chart (on the day of a ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Music

Also known as anti-fans, antis are, as defined on Dramafever, “fans who unite against a certain actor or singer are anti-fans, or ‘antis’ for short. Usually they become antis because they feel like ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Popular culture

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